About Codefrux Technology offers On Job Training on Android Applications Development for the recent graduates and the job seekers, who are looking forward to take up training along with getting live experience in Android Application Development Projects. This helps them improve their skills and gather practical knowledge, so as to deal with any issues that they might face. The OJT Program also helps them explore more opportunities in the growing field of Application Android Development. Background Training programs and internships have become the best way through which employers are able to hire out candidates for the required job. Experience of a candidate is now considered to be the critical factor that helps an employer to decide about the worthiness of the candidate. Survey from National Association of Colleges and Employers state that about 95 employers have mentioned that hiring out candidates who have undergone the On Job Training programs seem to have a better scope at work than the others. Designed for freshers and engineering graduates who are currently looking for a job, the OJT program from Codefrux Technology provides the candidates with ample knowledge along with giving them an opportunity to work on the real time projects. The OJT program prepares the candidates to be industry ready and further helps them to explore their field of interest in IT sector.   Benefits for students To gain a competitive advantage over others, students enrolled in the OJT program for Android based application developments get the following benefits,
  • Real time project training: Within a short period of time, Codefrux Technology provides the candidates with real time project scenarios that in turn can be added to the profile as a valuable experience.
  • Exposure to current technologies: Academic knowledge cannot prove to be useful in the real world. Codefrux Technology offers hand-on experience to candidates to try out the latest and cutting technology that is available in the market.
  • Cultivate company culture: Organizational skills along with company culture are required to make sure that the candidate is able to find a place in the world in his field of interest. Codefrux exposes the candidates to the culture followed in companies and organizations, which has to be followed when they get hired out in the future.
  • Certification: Getting the experience certificate for OJT in Android systems from Codefrux will give the candidates an edge over their competitors. Project Manager observes the work of the candidate during training period and based on the performance, a certificate is provided.
  • Stipend: After 3 months of training, candidates are provided with real time projects along with a stipend.
  • Assistance for job: Job assistance is provided to candidates based upon their performance in the OJT programs. Codefrux has a specified recruitment team that assists the candidates to get placed in reputed organizations.
  • Assured job opportunity: Codefrux can vouch that companies and organizations would be welcoming students who have taken up the OJT program in Android with open hands.
Codefrux Technology Mobile applications have taken over the world and thus the need for Android based application developers are sought after by a lot of companies and organizations. With the growing demand, it is certain that Android application developers are having a better market in this world. Who can apply for the OJT? For the OJT program at Codefrux Technologies, it is imperative that the candidate has a passion to learn. For Android Systems, the following can apply:
  1. Freshers who have completed B.E.
  2. Tech Graduates
  3. MCA Graduates

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